Swoon Reads App for On-The-Go Reading

Swoon Reads is an imprint within Macmillan Publishing that crowdsources manuscript ideas from an engaged community of readers and writers. The Swoon Reads community reads and reviews manuscripts, helps up-and-coming authors with edits and encouragement, and even votes on the final design of published book covers. I led the design of their e-reader app, with a goal of making reading and commenting easier on-the-go.


Role: Design
Created at: thelab
Credits: GCD, Darci Manley


Developed using React Native, the app allows users to read online or offline across multiple devices and platforms. As the lead designer, I worked closely with our development team to ensure that breakpoints and fonts all remained consistent across all phone screens and device types.


The app allows you to customize your reading experience on all devices by adjusting text size and font style, the color scheme, and the direction of your page flow. Bookmarks are saved across all devices and easily edited.


We made sure that the app allows readers to be involved in every step of the Swoon Reads process. You can browse available manuscripts, make adjustments to your bookshelf and the commenting feature empowers users to let the community know what they think. The comments, ratings and reviews in turn help inform what gets published every year.


Our development team wanted to share as much code as possible between the website and our app, so I also redesigned the browsing and reading experience on the web so there would be parity between the two experiences.